What To Expect

first visit

My office is located in the Holden & Associates building. Please enter through the far left glass door. My office, Suite A. There is plenty of free parking in front of the building. (Third driveway on the left) 

For the first visit only, please arrive at least 10 minutes early to allow time for consultation and completion of the intake form. 

what to wear

Table massage is normally conducted in my private office. Your modesty will always be respected. I work on clients undressed to their level of comfort, and covered with sheets as appropriate. I will leave the room briefly while you get ready and cover yourself with the sheet and blanket on the table. At this time you may call out to me letting me know that you're ready for me to enter the room. 

The AMTA Code of Ethics will be adhered to at all times. Learn more

making an appointment

You can schedule an appointment by phone or email (see Contact), or online (see Appointments).  

payment method

Payment is expected at the conclusion of the session. I accept cash, check, and the cards displayed below. 


A monetary tip is appreciated, but never required or expected. The best tip is always the referral of a friend.


I have an assortment of relaxing music. You're invited to browse the image links below and sample the available music. Let me know what you would like to hear during your session, and feel free to share any new suggestions that you may have.